Colorado Based Landscape Painter

Colorado Based Landscape Painter

Royal gorge, arkansas river, colorado, colorado art.
Royal gorge, arkansas river, colorado, colorado art.

About Me



I have been drawing and painting since I was a very young child growing up in the middle of nowhere in the Arkansas Ozarks.  I took oil painting classes in an atelier-like setting as a teen.  After completing college with a degree in engineering and working in the aerospace industry, I rekindled my childhood love of art.

My Medium


I work predominately in oils.  I enjoy plein air painting but mainly finish pieces in the studio and also complete many pieces wholly from photograph even though I believe that working from life is superior.  I like to work instinctively and reflexively, attempting to remove the higher level consciousness from the process.

My Inspiration


I am often inspired by the beauty of nature and the transient position humans hold in the fabric of the environment.  I am drawn to scenes which are reminiscent of joyful days of youth or are breathtaking in scope, color, or light.